Phone switched off? Can't take a call because you're too busy?
Your voice mail will record any calls for you, for you to pick up when it's convenient.
All you need is to activate it as the service is free.
What's even more is that it is free to retrieve your voice mail messages.


With voice mail, you do not have to miss important calls even when you are:

  • out of coverage
  • busy on another call
  • unable to answer a call
  • OR your cell phone is switched off

How to activate or deactivate it

The service is already activated by default on your Orange number.

To deactivate voicemail:
  • call 133 to self manages (Call 133 and dial, then press 3331 and dial)
  • call 123 for an agent to help you.
  • or visit the nearest Orange shop.


The retrieval of your voice mail messages is FREE.

Message retrieval

When a voice mail is deposited, an SMS will alert you. Just dial 133 to retrieve your message, it doesn't cost anything.

Checking your voicemail whilst abroad

To check your voice mail box when not using an Orange phone or when abroad, dial +267 72 000 133