Orange FA CUP

The Thrilling Orange FA Cup Returns in full swing!

Gaborone United crowned the FA Cup Champions

The Thrilling Orange FA Cup Returns in full swing!

  • Orange Botswana continues to nurture football in Botswana
  • Orange Botswana strengthens partnership with Botswana Football Association (BFA) accelerating the sport's expansion throughout Botswana.


Orange Botswana proudly announces the arrival of the highly anticipated 5th season of the Orange FA Cup in collaboration with the Botswana Football Association (BFA).

Reflecting on the journey of the past four seasons, the Orange FA Cup has been a compelling platform for success stories and valuable learnings. This partnership has served as a catalyst, fostering talent development, empowering aspiring athletes, and fortifying the foundation of football in Botswana.

Said Orange Money Director of Commercial and Operations, Mr. Gazza Motswagole "As we all know, football holds a unique power to bring people together, irrespective of age, race, gender, or culture. In Botswana, football is a way of life, and it bears opportunity for growth – growth of talent, growth of revenue once truly commercialized, and growth of culture, in many ways. There is a need to nurture and empower those whose dreams are tied to such a sport, for we have such incredible talent and potential in our local football scene.”

The return of the Orange FA Cup brings together 48 teams competing for the title of the Orange FA Cup champion, promising an exciting season ahead. The tournament will commence in January 2024 and fixtures are as follows:


North Games


 Makungulupeswa      vs    City Kings
 Desert Buffaloes   vs      Tsabotlhe
 Sankoyo Bushbucks   vs    Santa Green
 Pilikwe United      vs    Chadibe
 Kazungula Young Fighters vs       Motlakase Power Dynamos
 Mmadinare Giant Aces vs      Tafic
 MR Highlanders      vs    Shoshong United
 Mbalakalungu        vs    Calendar Stars



South Games


 City Polar                 vs Pula Roofing
 Sand Diamonds              vs Jwaneng Young Stars
 Blue Stars                 vs Taung Young Strikers
 Magosi                     vs Mochudi Center Chiefs
 Notwane                    vs Flamengo Santos
 Tlokweng United           vs UB Hawks
 Desert Nxau                vs Walker XI
 VTM                        vs Matebele



The Orange FA Cup stands as a testament to Orange Botswana's enduring commitment  to sports development, promising a season infused with passion, sportsmanship, and the relentless pursuit of football greatness.