Salary & Allowances payment

Salary & Allowances payment
Pay your staff salaries, wages, and allowances using Orange Money.

This is an internet based service that companies can use to pay their employees’ salaries/allowances to their Orange Money accounts. The employees will then be able to withdraw their salaries/allowances from the Orange Shops and any of the Orange partners i.e. Botswana Post, Choppies, Spar, Furnmart etc. The maximum amount of money the company can pay an employee is P4000.

How does the service work?

  • Orange Money provides the company with a free internet application for bulk payments processing.
  • Orange opens an Orange Money account for the company to deposit the money to be paid to employees.
  • Orange provides free SIM cards to employees that are not Orange customers.
  • Orange Money provides Visa Debit Cards to employees at a subsidized cost
  • Orange provides free training to payroll staff.
  • When payments have to be made, the payroll staff simply upload an excel sheet that has the employees’ names, mobile numbers, amounts to be paid to them, and dates of payment into the application.
  • The manager will approve the transaction, and the money is then paid to the employees’ Orange Money accounts

Service benefits

  • Cheaper and more convenient than writing cheques to pay employees.
  • More secure than carrying cash to pay employees.
  • The system can produce reports for every transaction, and they can be printed and filed.
  • All internet transactions are protected by international security standards.
  • Provides the convenience of making payments from the comfort of your office.
  • There will be no loss of work time due to employees queuing to get salaries/allowances, or going to cash their cheques.

To use this service and open your account, Orange requests:

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Schedule of directors
  • Shareholders certificates
  • Audited Financials/ proof of source of funds
  • Resolution for opening account
  • Utility bill of the company
  • List of signatories
  • ID + utility bill of signatories.