Orange World

Orange World

Your one stop shopping gateway to your all time refreshed digital content with categories ranging from games, VOD, lifestyle content (fitness, fashion and style, cooking tips & recipes, yoga, meditation, beauty), movies and series, rib cracking jokes and pranks, addictive social messaging and chats, entertainment, music, gossip news etc.

Pay With Orange is a direct billing carrier that enables Orange subscribers to buy digital content and only pay with the airtime in their main balances using multiple devices across different access points. With this content billing method, now customers can subscribe to digital content on Orange World and pay with airtime on their phones.


Category Service Price(BWP)

Premium Games


Grotto Gamer


Brain Gym






Short Videos



Brain Gym




Mega Mobi









Customers receive a link (via push sms, or e-flyers on social media and within the Orange Yame app) that takes them to the Orange World section. Here one will find the different digital content categories like Games, Videos, Chats, Music, Movies & Series. Under each Category, each service has a unique name and homepage with its terms and conditions.

  • Customer receives a Pay with Orange push message promoting a variety of digital content with a URL leading to the service home page;



  • Customer follows a URL to subscribe for the preferred service at a stipulated charge and specified period;



  • After clicking ‘subscribe’, the next page requests the customer to enter their MSISDN (number);



  • There will be a confirmation code (OTP) sent to their numbers for them to plug in and authorise the purchase;



  • Customer then sees the subscription confirmation notification followed by the game or video home page to select any game or video of their choice;



  • There is an option to unsubscribe anytime or sending a pre-determined Keyword to the short code which is followed by an unsubscription confirmation.



Customer can subscribe for once-off, daily, weekly or monthly offers through one the following channels: SMS and USSD.


Content is delivered via SMS to the user’s handset.




  • Send keyword for content of interest to 13222 for FREE


  • e.g. Customer can subscribe for service Orange FA CUP by sending FACUP or DFACUP or WFACUP, or MFACUP to 13222 for once-off, daily, weekly and monthly respectively.


  • D is Daily,


  • W is Weekly 


  • M is Monthly.



User pays only if the sent the correct KEYWORD which guarantees content provision. If customers send unrecognisable keyword they will not be charged.




  • Customers dial *168# and follows the menu for FREE or *168*4*2# go directly to Orange FA CUP Channel.


  • This channel offers good level of self-service ability.