Mobile Roaming

Mobile Roaming

Travel the world and don’t worry about missing calls. Orange brings you a convenient way of staying in contact without having to change your mobile number.

While roaming, you will be charged for both incoming and outgoing calls. These rates vary for each destination country and for each mobile operator where we have more than one Roaming agreement in a country.

Our Roaming coverage is continuously expanding and it is important for customers to get in touch with us to confirm whether Roaming is available at their country of destination and the applicable Roaming rates.

Postpaid Customer Call 123 to activate roaming

Prepaid Customer dial *141*1# to activate roaming

Call type and destination:



Zone (Visited location) Local Call - to visited country Back home call (to Botswana) Receiving voice calls Sending SMS Receiving SMS Data
Zone 1 5 5 5 2,2 Free 14,5
Zone 2 8,15 11,74 3,15 2,07 Free 21,74
Zone 3 19,6 19,6 5 2,8 Free 28
Zone 4 22,4 22,4 5 2,8 Free 84
Zone 5 28 28 5 3,3 Free 89,6
Zone 6 28 28 10 3,3 Free 112
Zone 7 28 28 10 3,3 Free 44,8
Zone 8 39,2 39,2 10 4,4 Free 134,4


New zoning and countries:






Zone      Countries
Zone 1 South Africa
Zone 2 Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe
Zone 3 Malawi, Lesotho, Mauritius, Madagascar, Tanzania, Mozambique, Swaziland, Seychelles, Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola
Zone 4 All other African countries
Zone 5 All European countries
Zone 6 USA, Canada
Zone 7 China
Zone 8 Rest of the world






Calls to Tariff
SADC Roaming in Namibia P8.48
SADC Roaming in Zambia P6.85
SADC Roaming in Zimbabwe P14.24





Getting Started

Please note that activations can only be done whilst in Botswana and deactivations should be done upon return.
To activate dial *141*1#
To deactivate dial *141*2#
Customers will receive confirmation upon successful activation or deactivation of the Prepaid Roaming service.

Recharging Airtime on your phone

Recharging is easy, whether you do it before you leave or while you are away.
Buy a scratch card of any denomination of your choice, gently scratch away the silver part of the card to reveal the airtime code, simply dial *155* followed by your 14 digit recharge code then # and press OK.

Checking the Airtime balance on your phone

To check your airtime balance before you leave or while you're away dial *155#, your account balance will appear on your phone screen
Orange Prepaid AirtimeOrange airtime cards are available in different values (VAT inclusive).
Scratch cards are available in P10, P20, P50 and P100 denominations.
Or, you can e-Recharge your Prepaid account for P5 or more.

Handy tips for Roaming

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