Caller tunes

Caller tunes

Caller Tunes are snippets of music or sounds, accompanied by the usual ring that your callers hear while they wait for you to answer.



How to activate or deactivate it

You can load up to ten (10) Caller Tunes through one of the following ways:



  • By SMS
SMS SUBRBT Caller Tune code to 156, e.g. SMS "SUBRBT 1928513" to get the Caller Tune "Imagination" by Zeus for P0.20 per SMS. Please note that there is a space between the keyword (SUBRBT) and the Caller Tune code. 1928513
Feature Keyword
Default song SUBRBT DT CODE
Dedicate SUBRBT DT CODE,B party mobile number
My Account Manage SMS with "MYACC"
Song pack SMS with "SongPack"
Un Subscription UNSUB "RBT" to 156
Help "Help" to 156
Status RBT SMS with "Status"
GIFT GIFT,DT CODE,B party mobile number
Gift Acceptance GIFT,Yes to 158












  • By calling












Call 156 and follow the voice prompts for P0.50 per minute
  • By USSD
Dial *156# and follow the menu for FREE
  • By Web
Click here






Cost of subscribing Caller Tune service
P2.00 for membership
P2.00 for loading each Caller Tune
P10.00 for a song package
Micro billing available

Costs of Caller Tunes by SMS
P0.20 per SMS sent to 156
P2.00 for loading each Caller Tune

Validity period

Validity: Each Caller Tune is valid for 30 days