All My Internet

All My Internet

Enjoy more online with All My Internet data. We have the variety you need

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Access to all internet content and services


Validity Volume Price (BWP)
1 Day 12MB 2
1 Day 40MB 5
1 Day 120MB 10
2 Days 300MB 20
1 Week 650MB 40
1 Week 1024MB 60
2 Weeks 1500MB 80
1 Month 2048MB 120
1 Month 4096MB 220
1 Month 10240MB 500


Terms and conditions : Expires within stated duration


  • All My Internet bundles offer subscribers unrestricted access to all internet content and services


  • Subscribers can choose any package according to their needs


  • Usage for all internet content will be charged from bundle.


  • This service is available to all Orange Prepaid customers


  • Customers may only activate the All My Internet Bundles if they have sufficient airtime in their Orange airtime account


  • To purchase the All My Internet bundles, dial *148# from your mobile phone and choose thebundle you prefer from the options available.


  • Validity– 1 day:  expires after 24 hours from the time it was activated


    •  1 week: expires after 7 days from the time itwas activated


    •  1 month: expires after 30 days from the timeit was activated


  • Bundles are valid as stated under ‘Validity Period’. Unused data within a bundle cannot be carried over/forward beyond the validity period.


  • Where the bundles expire before the subscriber finishes the data, the balance will be reset to 0 and will not be carried forward.


  • Upon expiration of the Validity Period or depletion of bundles, the Customer’s data/Internet usage shall be billed in terms of any data/Internet bundles loaded (if any) or according to the standard out of bundle rates.


  • All prices include VAT.


All prices are tax inclusive
All prices are tax inclusive