These are mobile plans/contracts that give the user the ability to call local and internationally

You can get both, default plans with minutes only call within Botswana boarders and those with monetary credit can call both within and across Botswana boarders.

A warning message is sent to you as soon as you reach the 80% threshold all the way to 100% of your loaded data, away from the credit limit

A credit limit at an amount of your choice can be effected to allow data connection to continue, what is used will be part of the monthly bill as an extra.

Yes, a cap can be put in place starting from the monthly charge all the way to 10k +.

Yes, from the on set you can upgrade to a package that better suites your needs, but you can only downgrade after the half life of the contract.

Our billing cycle is from the 16th of the current month to the 15th of the next month, meaning every 16th of the month benefits are fully loaded.