Recharge and win with Orange Money !

recharge and win

You can now purchase airtime using your Orange Money account and stand a chance to win daily and monthly prizes. Recharge with more than P10 to stand a chance to win a share of P700,000


A convenient way of purchasing airtime for you and others through Orange Money. It’s easy and very quick. Now we have added an element of winning while you recharge.

5 lucky Orange Money customers will win P3000 daily every week.

See herewith table for monthly prizes

Every Week Prizes
5 winners per week 3 000,00


Month Prizes
August 10 000,00
September 20 000,00
October 30 000,00
November 40 000,00
December 50 000,00
January 100 000,00


How the Service works ?
  1. Dial *145#
  2. Select Option 2
  3. Enter your PIN
  4. Select prepaid services
  5. After choosing the option for Purchase airtime
  6. Choose purchase for yourself or others. This option is available for prepaid customers ONLY.


NOTE : Postpaid customer with an Orange Mmoney account can ONLY purchase for others and they will be entered into the competition. After the purchase you will receive the message confirming your transaction and the balance in your Orange Money wallet. You will also receive an SMS confirming that you have been entered into the draw. When purchasing for others, airtime will be credited directly to the receivers account.

Recharge O'Blow'e P100,000.00 Grand Finale Draw

Loving Orange Money Users In The Month Of Love With Recharge O’Blow’e P100,000.00 Cash Give Away Competition.

Great memories are created by great special moments in everybody’s life. This year’s month of love was one not to be missed as we gave a lucky Orange subscriber the opportunity to be one of the 3 lucky draw finalists to end the 6 months long cash competition. With the various winners ranging from the P3,000.00 daily winners to the various P10,000.00 – P50,000.00 from August to December, there was plenty of cash to be given away to Orange Money users across the country. The three potential winners of the Grand Prize money were given a call and ready to come to the Bus Rank to receive their cash. The potential winners Mr. Kenanae Ofaletse, Mosetsanagape Jeremia and Thero Ramogaladi all looked forward to participating at the scheduled public draw at the Bus Rank set for this past Saturday 15th February 2020, 11am.


As the draw time approached, we could all feel the excitement in the air, especially after the legendary Slizer performed her various hits that she is known for.


With an Auditor present, all rules explained, the 3 participants were ready to pull out the envelopes that had the various prizes including the P100,000.00 With the crowd cheering them on, the three participants then waited for the countdown that was about to change their lives. 5,4,3,2….1 open your envelops, the participants went on to open their respective envelops to reveal who was walking away with the P1050,000.00 cash prize. ….the winner of the cash is Mr Kenanae Ofaletse from Ratholo village in the Central District. Keep using Orange Money and we will see you at the next draw and keep using Orange Money because you never know when you will get that call that says “you are a winner.”