Orange Yame Wheel of Fortune

About the Promotion


With the revamped self-care application called Orange Yame, Orange Botswana has introduced a new gamification feature called “Wheel of Fortune” which exists in-App.
This promo game is unlocked only on Wednesdays.
The feature works in such a way that, when a customer buys any of the five (5) selected Orange products (listed under Terms and Conditions below) within the app, they instantly receive a one-time pin (OTP) via SMS for each transaction and they use each unique OTP to unlock the wheel, spin, and stand a chance to be rewarded/credited instantly with gifts on the wheel.

These automated gifts will only be in the form of data (1GB) and airtime (P10, P20, P50 and P100).

The rewarded app users will be credited automatically and instantly as they spin the wheel of fortune. However, not every spin guarantees a reward.



Terms and Conditions:

Only prepaid users can participate on the wheel of fortune.

The 5 qualifying products, to be purchased only on Orange Yame App, are :

  • All My Internet, valid for 1 day at P2
  • All My Internet, valid for 1 day at P5
  • All my Friends, valid for 1 day at P5
  • Bua LeNna, valid for 1 day at P8
  • Bua LeNna, valid for 1 day at P12

Every unique in-app transaction of the above products produces one unique pin which can only be used once.
Not all spins guarantee a reward; one can spin and not get a reward.
There is no limit to the number of transactions and spins one can perform.

Please note that the promotion will run from 31st August 2022 to 31st December 2022.