4G+ (940300)

Orange Botswana launches 4G+ and drops Internet Prices

Dr Patrick Benon  Chief Executive Officer

Orange Botswana is pleased to announce the launch of 4G+ technology to the Botswana market. The launch serves as yet another testament to Orange Botswana’s commitment to delivering a stronger, better and faster network to Batswana.
It is our hope that this development better enables our valued customers to do more and brings them closer to what matters most to them. Orange Botswana remains steadfast in its efforts to keep #GettingBetterForYou.

The 4G+ technology is already rolled out in Greater Gaborone and Francistown areas and will be available in most parts of the country in both urban and rural areas. This will allow customers to experience better streaming, faster downloads, quicker browsing as well as quicker sending and receiving of big files.

Along with this increased network capacity, Orange Botswana has launched enhanced offers to allow customers to experience the new 4G+ technology in all its splendour:
•    All My Friends daily volume is increased from 200MB to 500MB for all bundles (daily, weekly and monthly);
•    All My Internet  bundles pricing has been dropped by up to 70%;
•    A wide range of 4G and 4G+ compatible devices are available in our stores for you to tap into the new technology.
As Orange Botswana, we believe in always improving ourselves to better serve you. 

Kind regards,

Dr. Patrick Benon  

Chief Executive Officer