Employee Engagement Lead

Employee Experience Lead

Employee Experience Lead
Manage and develop the HR internal communication strategy, follow through with an action and roll out plan.

Main duties:

•    Collaborate with the Human Resources and other departments to develop and implement an internal communication & content strategy that ensures employee engagement and involvement.
•    Analyze trends on the platforms used for internal communication and make continuous improvements to ensure effectiveness and user friendliness.
•    Develop and deliver to a variety of audiences, communication that is clear, persuasive & appropriate to the topic & situation.
•    Lead in initiatives that create positive employee experiences throughout their employee life cycle by ensuring that the work that they do is meaningful to them, building trust among employees and the leadership through robust communication and implementation of social rewards mechanisms.
•    Lead in the execution of group employee assistance & wellness programs through assessing market trends, making recommendations for social rewards & non-monetary benefits that could be extended to employees: set up employee wellness & mental health launches every quarter & evaluate the effectiveness of the programs.
•    Lead in planning all events for the HR function.
•    Social media presence- Ensure that all events, activities and HR activities are positioned well on social media.

Required skills:

•    Excellent interpersonal, oral and written communication skills.
•    Experience in Digital marketing will be an added advantage.
•    Excellent interpersonal, oral and written communication skills & editing skills.
•    Highly collaborative.
•    Ability to harness maximum space, resourceful and hands on.
•    Organizational skills & Analytical thinking ability.
•    Strong Project Management & Time Management skills.
•    Problem-solving skills.

Academic Qualifications & Experience:

•    Degree in HR or Communication
•    Experience in internal communications (at least 5 years).