Orange Flybox B612 for Konnecta

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Be always connected at home with a good network quality

  • Fast video charging, easy to download files with 4G
  • Up to 32 connected users in WiFi
  • Landline phone port
  • Easy connection to internet with 4 integrated antennas
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The Fly Box is an Internet router that works with a data SIM card. It allows you to share the Internet at home (or at work) via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable: you stay connected at home with excellent network quality and a secure connection!

It allows you to connect up to 32 users via Wi-Fi and has 4 wired connections (allowing you to connect a landline phone for example or a desktop computer, laptop, etc.)


Easy to install, the Fly Box uses the mobile network (Orange network coverage) and must be connected to an electrical outlet to operate. Thanks to its small size, it can be used in any work environment and comes with a tilted backrest for added convenience.