How to repair your mobile or tablet?

Malfunction? Defective device? Don't stay cut off from the outside world!

Thanks to the in-shop repair service, we will take care of your mobile, smartphone, tablet or accessories.

The process is free of charge if your device is under warranty (within 12 months of purchase).

1/2 How does it works?

1/2 How does it works?

Visit any Orange shop.

Our team will conduct necessary tests and / or assessment of your device and should it satisfy all warranty conditions, you will be required to complete an acceptance form so that the device can be sent for further tests and / or diagnosis by the supplier (proof of purchase mandatory).

The normal expected turnaround time once the device has been sent to the supplier is 7 to 14 working days.

2/2 How much does the repair cost?

2/2 How much does the repair cost?

Is your device  still under warranty? No problem! The repair will cost you nothing.

(Provided the device satisfy all warranty condition).

Should the device fail to satisfy all warranty conditions but still deemed reparable the customer will be issued a quotation to repair at own cost through a recommended supplier or partner.