How do I top up my prepaid card using Orange Yame?

Anytime and anywhere, Orange Yame enables you to top up your prepaid card in just a few clicks.

Very practical and 100% secure, Orange Yame is the simplest and quickest way to top up.

1/1 Top up my prepaid card and other numbers

1/1 Top up my prepaid card and other numbers

Use Orange Money if you have an Orange Money account.

Or other recharge methods available on Orange Yame app (Mpharanyetsa Airtime, Easy Share, Bank Top up, Scratch card).

Once Orange Yame app is installed and registered with your mobile number, go to:

  1. The main menu by clicking on the 3 horizontal bars at the top left of the screen and check whether your number is displayed
  2. From the homepage select the recharge option
  3. Specify your top-up amount. Pay and enjoy!

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You can also top up other numbers apart from your own.

If you have a prepaid card, click on "Top up another number". If you have a postpaid contract, enter the number you want to top up. The rest of the procedure is the same.

Please note: Although browsing in the Orange Yame app is entirely free of charge, using the bank apps to top up your credit will attract a charge. If you have used up all your surfing credit, you will therefore not be able to top up via electronic payment but only via top-up voucher.

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