How do I know my Orange Travel Pass bundle is still valid and can I be able to top up?

A Pass is valid for 30 days,when you use it.



A Pass is valid for 30 days,when you use it, you will receive an SMS when you reach 80% and then 100% threashold set  in your Pass, with a prepaid SIM card.
Upon recieving 100% threashold SMS, Orange will explain what you need to do to renew your Pass via the Orange Money app.

More information on Orange Money can be viewed here.

Top up is also possible with a scratchcard/top-up voucher can be purchased prior to your departure.
To recharge dial *155* Recharge code# and press Send/Yes/Ok.
Your Orange prepaid account is immediately credited once your recharge has been confirmed.

You can view your consumption at any time via the Orange Yame app or dial *121#