Calling anonymously

1/2 How to call anonymously

1/2 How to call anonymously

Enter #31#  followed by the full mobile number of the person you are calling. Then press the "Call" key.

Note: this service does not work for messages.

2/2 Configure your mobile

2/2 Configure your mobile

It is also possible to configure your mobile.

Most mobile phones provide the option of activating and deactivating the display of your mobile number on the screen of the person you are calling.

Not all mobiles are configured in the same way. Configurations might vary  depending on the network operator. 

If your mobile has this functionality you can apply the following steps:

  • For iPhones:
  1. go to Settings > Phone > Show my caller ID.
  2. Now deactivate this functionality. This applies to many operators, but not all. For example, some requires you to change these settings via their website and not from the phone itself.


  • For Samsung mobiles:
  1. go to Settings > Device.
  2. Now select Calls and go to Call settings > Additional settings > Caller ID.
  3. Now select "Hide number".


  • For HTC phones:
  1. from Menu, select Settings > Call > Additional settings > Caller ID.
  2. Select "Hide number".


  • For Huawei phones:
  1. from Menu select settings > Mobile Networks > Call Settings > More Settings > select "Caller ID"
  2. then select "Hide number".