Business Continuity Offers

Business Continuity Offers
Without Commitment

These offers have been designed as a response to the current COVID-19 epidemic, and with that subsidised prepaid data services have been put together to allow organisation to be able to continue to work remotely from their day to day offices.

Offer details
Offer details

The service allows orgnisations to pick and choose services that can allow them to work from home, the duration is flexible and your account manager is available to help procure any of the following:



This is a portable and pocket size wifi device that can connect a laptop/s and any other devices that may need to connect to the internet.


Data Pool

This is a shared data service that gives an organisation a data pool that has sim cards connected to it and use this data collectively. 


Prepaid konnectas

Is a mobile mifi service that is limited to a power connection in your office or home, this device however allows for more devices to be connected to it like any other router.

How the service works

The customer sends the proof of payment together with a request letter to ther account manager and we will provide the credited sim cards.