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What is the difference between international dialing and roaming?

Roaming covers all mobile communications that you can make in a foreign network. In other words, you're still able to make and receive voice calls, send and receive data or access other services while outside your primary network coverage.

When you make a call or send an SMS from Orange Botswana to another country you are making international communication, not roaming: the calls and SMS to the foreign country will be invoiced at the international rates.

I have an Orange Botswana SIM Card and I travel to South Africa, I make a call or send a text message with it to my father in Botswana. I will be roaming in this case and will be charged in accordance with Zone 1 roaming tariffs.
To make a call or send an SMS via your Orange Botswana number from abroad, you must place a "+ or (00) 267" before calling (e.g. +26772645685)

1/2 With a prepaid SIM card

1/2 With a prepaid SIM card

Roaming rules and rates vary from one carrier to the next.The calls made from abroad will be charged from your call credits and invoiced at roaming rates.
You can view the rates by clicking here.


2/2 With a postpaid SIM card

2/2 With a postpaid SIM card

Unless you have other specific options, your call will be invoiced at international rates (call rates from abroad) and therefore invoiced separately from your monthly subscription fee.
You may purchase our travel options by clicking here in order to benefit from a lower rate suited to your needs and in accordance with your destination: calls from abroad will then be deducted from the minutes included in your Orange Travel Pass option.                                                 

Orange Travel Pass gives you roaming data and minutes to use while roaming roaming on selected Orange affiliates network.
I want to call a Botswana number located in South Africa:
For a call initiated from Botswana to a Botswana number located in South Africa, only the national rate will be applied for a calling number: However,
The number in a foreign country will be roaming and as a result roaming tariffs will be applied by Orange Botswana.

See roaming tariffs here.

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