Prepaid Konnecta!

Prepaid Konnecta!

Enjoy the internet without the hassle of a contract.  Choose your bundles from P199 and get super-fast internet for you and your loved ones.

starting at



starting at




Enjoy the benefits of a smart home: 


  • 3G / 4G
  • Two antenaes for better connectivity
  • 4 ports for LAN connection
  • Connect up to 10 devices on WiFi
  • No commitment, no monthly charges
  • Instant activation
  • Include SIM card pre-loaded with 10MB





Offer Volume Price Validity
Up-front fee with 3G/4G modem P429 On promotion
Prepaid Konnecta Basic 5GB P199 30 days
Prepaid Konnecta Classic 10GB P349 30 days
Prepaid Konnecta Prestige 20GB P599 30 days
Prepaid Konnecta Premium 50GB P1249 30 days




To Top-up/Recharge, purchase bundles or check your balance through Orange Yame, follow below instruction;

To access Orange Yame, ensure your laptop or smartphone is connected to Wi-Fi and go to

1. Access your account on Orange Yame

  • Click on my account
  • Enter your password. If you are accessing WebTop for the first time, go to the next step to create password
  • Click on receive my password by SMS. The PIN will be sent to your inbox. To learn how to Read your SMS refer to a section on “Open and Read SMS” below
  • Enter your number and password provided to access your account

2. Recharge / Top-up your account


  • Select Top-up option


  • Enter scratch card number of recharge PIN
  • Click on the credit option

NB: You can to an eRecharge to you Flybox number or use EasyShare to transfer funds to you Flybox number

3. Purchase Konnecta! Bundles


  • Select the ‘Buy Bundle” option


  • From the list of bundles, Choose your preferred Prepaid Konnecter Bundle
  • Click ‘Buy’ and confirm bundle purchase


4. Check your balance



  • Log-on to Webtop


  • Click on “My account” at the top (if you are not already there)
  • Your balance will be displayed on the interface.


5. Open and Read SMS



  • Type Flybox.home (OR type on your web browser


  • Login to the Flybox page (username: admin Password:admin)
  • Click on “Messages” on the far top-right of the screen
  • You will see a list of your emails








  • Prepaid Konnecta bundles offer prepaid konnecta customers unrestricted access to all internet content and services


  • Subscribers can choose any package according to their needs


  • Prepaid Konnecta usage for all internet content will be charged from bundle.


  • This service is available to all Orange Prepaid Konnecta customers


  • Customers may only activate the Prepaid Konnecta bundles if they have sufficient airtime in their Prepaid Konnecta airtime account


  • To purchase the Prepaid Konnecta bundles, use webtop or their Orange money account


  • To purchase Prepaid Konnecta bundles via webtop or Orange money customers can refer to the How To section on the website


  • Validity–1 month: expires after 30 days from the time it was activated


  • Bundles are valid as stated under ‘Validity Period’. Unused data within a bundle cannot be carried over/forward beyond the validity period.


  • Where the bundles expire before the subscriber finishes the data, the balance will be reset to 0 and will not be carried forward.


  • Upon expiration of the Validity Period or depletion of bundles, the Customer’s data/Internet usage shall be cut


  • All prices include VAT.


All prices are tax inclusive
All prices are tax inclusive