Konnecta Home

Konnecta Home
With our Konnecta Home internet, stream movies online, watch YouTube videos, play online games and Facebook with your friends from the comfort of your home for only P399 per month with a 20GB data allowance to P1099 per month with a 60GB data allowance plus you enjoy FREE UNLIMITED Konnecta to Konnecta calls calls amongst your Konnect family.




Offer names Home Konnecta Basic Home Konnecta Classic Home Konnecta Premium
UpFront Fee (with 3G Modem) P899
UpFront Fee (with 4G Modem) P429
Monthly Rental (12 month contract) P479      P849 P1349
Monthly Rental (24 month contract) P399        P699 P1049
Download Speed Up to 1Mbps       Up to 4Mbps Up to 10Mbps
Upload Speed Up to 256Kbps       Up to 256Kbps Up to 512Kbps
Volume allowance 20GB      35GB 60GB
Free airtime (for on-net calls) 100 mins 150 mins 250 mins
Free SMS 100 SMS 250 SMS 500 SMS
Fixed voice tariff P1.00 per minute at peak time
P0.70 per minute at off-peak time
SMS tariff P0.25/SMS
FUP - Download Speed
(when data package is exceeded)
Up to 256Kbps Up to 256Kbps Up to 512Kbps

Simple steps to get connected:

1. Go to Orange Shop (with ID & documents required) choose your plan and subscribe.

2. Plug device into power in you home.

3. Connect to the Wi-Fi and start browsing.

All prices are tax inclusive
All prices are tax inclusive