How to subscribe

How to subscribe
To use Orange Money you need the following to register and activate your account.

To use Orange Money you need the following to register and activate your account:

  • You must be at least 16 years old *
  • Have an active Orange SIM Card (prepaid or postpaid)
  • Have ID: Omang (for Batswana), Passport (for Foreign nationals)
  • Your first deposit of at least P5
  • Enjoy the numerous benefit of your new account by depositing money into right after its activation *.

You can register for Orange Money in any of the following places:
  • All Orange Shops
  • All Choppies Stores
  • Botswana Post
  • Sefalana
  • Spar & Furnmart
  • TekCell
  • Podder Investment, SoftCell or TekCell Outlets

Your default secret code '0000', that you must change to activate your account and benefit from the available services.

  • The secret code changing process
  • Your account will be activated only after you change your secret code from '0000'. After activation, you can right away benefit from the available services

  • What does registering cost?
    • Opening an Orange Money account is totally free and does not incur any servicing or maintenance charge.
    • However, you must do a minimum deposit (Cash In) of 5 pula to use the service.
    • For more information - See the Orange Money Frequently Asked Questions

    Where is Orange Money available?
    • All Post Offices
    • All Orange Shops
    • Spar and Furnmart
    • Any - Podder Investment, Softcell or Excel Cellular outlet
    • To view the full list of Orange Money agents in your town or village - Click here