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How do I declare the loss or theft of my SIM card?

If your SIM card has been lost or stolen, the most important thing is to block it without delay to avoid any fraudulent use of your device.

1/3 Blocking your SIM card

1/3 Blocking your SIM card

To block your contract, contact us on 123 or 3163036 from any other phone. We are available 24/7.

Are you abroad? Call +26772000123.

We will immediately block your SIM card as soon as you report it lost or stolen to avoid any fraudulent use.

Note: your SIM card will be deactivated but your contract will remain in force if you are on a postpaid plan.

2/3 Ordering a new SIM card

2/3 Ordering a new SIM card

A prepaid card cannot be blocked. You can order a new card and recover your call credits. Prepaid account can be suspended to avoid use of the SIM card

Ordering a new SIM card:
Once your SIM card has been blocked, it is very easy to order a replacement, from an Orange shop.

Visit an Orange shop or Point of sale near you to obtain your new multi-format SIM card. It will be activated in just a few hours, enabling you to use your new device without delay.

Click here to find the shop closest to you.

3/3 Other information

3/3 Other information

Please note:

  • Your new SIM card is not free of charge. You will pay 10 BWP.
  • You will keep your phone number.
  • You will retain all the benefits of your payment plan.
  • Your new SIM card will be ready to use.
  • Your call credits will be transferred to your new card. Credit remain on the account and not the SIM meaning that when you replace it and check balances, you will find them

Note: Remember to save your contacts if you change your SIM card. The contacts saved on your current SIM will not be transferred to your new card.

For further information about saving your contacts click here.

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