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How can you check that your SIM card is working correctly?


Depending on your mobile, it may be that your SIM card gets damaged. If it does get damaged, you will have to replace it by visiting an Orange shop.

The SIM can only be replaced at Our Orange Shops and other Point of Sales around the country.

1/2 If you have a network signal

1/2 If you have a network signal

If you have a network signal, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that your device is working correctly:

  • Switch off your mobile.
  • Remove the SIM card.
  • Replace the SIM card and switch your mobile back on


If the malfunction persists, you can perform a cross-check :

  • Insert your SIM card into another switched off mobile, then switch it on.
  • Test another SIM card in your switched off mobile then switch it back on.


If the problem persists after performing all these checks, contact an advisor by phone or by facebook, who will run a line test and suggest a solution. Contact page

2/2 How can you replace a damaged SIM card?

2/2 How can you replace a damaged SIM card?

If your SIM card has been damaged (broken, become wet, etc.) you may have it replaced in accordance with the pricing terms applicable to your offer.

From an Orange shop

Visit your nearest Orange shop with an identity document in the same name as the mobile contract in order to obtain an immediate replacement for your SIM card.

Click here to find the shop closest to you.

Note: anyone who is authorised to manage your contract may also visit a shop to issue a request on your behalf with a formal letter in a company letter head requesting for replacement.

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