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How do I organise a mobile conference?

1/2 Mobile conferencing

1/2 Mobile conferencing

With mobile conferencing, you can organise a phone conference from your mobile with up to 5 participants, regardless of their number (landline or mobile), their operator or their location, whether in Botswana or abroad (Orange Coverage Zone).

Flexible and easy to use, the mobile conferencing service functions in dual call mode and does not require any specific advance preparation.


Access to the service is not free of charge.

Initiator incurs charges for the calls made.The mobile conferencing service is compatible with most mobiles in our range.

2/2 Steps to initiate mobile conferencing

2/2 Steps to initiate mobile conferencing

Steps to initiate mobile conferencing are as follows:

  • Open your phone book or dial a number
  • Once the communication is established with your contact, press the Add button
  • Your correspondent is automatically put on hold.
  • Call your second correspondent
  • Then click Merge Calls to add your second party to the conference call.


Depending on the limits of your subscription, you can add a third and even a fourth person to your telephone conversation. For this, you will just have to start again the manipulation described above. By default, the service allows up to 5 people for conference service from a mobile phone.

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