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How do I connect to my Flybox?

The Flybox modem can be installed anywhere in your home. It can operate without access to a plug socket.

1/2 How do I connect to my Flybox?

1/2 How do I connect to my Flybox?

1. Insert the SIM card into your Flybox modem

2. Plug your Flybox into the electricity supply

Switch on the device.

The WiFi function of your Flybox is active and you can now connect your devices (PCs, smartphones and tablets).

3. Connect your devices to the WiFi network of your Flybox

To connect a Windows PC, Mac OS X, smartphone or tablet, you must:

  • Display the WiFi networks on your device
  • Select the name of the WiFi network available in your Flybox
  • Enter the security code of your Flybox

4. Go to http://flybox.home/ Here you can monitor your consumption.


2/2 To maximise performance

2/2 To maximise performance

To maximise performance, we recommend that you:

Check the strength of the network signal via the indicator on the front of your modem.

Favourable locations are where you are able to obtain maximum bars on PC which demonstrates best line signal.

Position your modem near a window.

The Flybox uses the Orange 4 network to provide you with internet access. Therefore make sure that you have good 4G coverage to guarantee acceptable surfing speed. To check the 4G coverage at the desired location, click here.

If you prefer to connect your PC using an ethernet cable, you may switch off the WiFi network. To do this you must access the administration interface of your modem and its WiFi section.

You can also modify the firewall settings of your internet access. To do this you must access the administration interface of your modem.


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