Introducing Orange Money

An innovative, mobile phone-based payment system
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Orange Money is an innovative, mobile phone-based payment system that allows customers to carry out simple banking operations and transactions in total security.

It does not require a bank account.

Customers can do the following:
  • Cash in: Deposit money into an Orange Money account
  • Cash out: Withdraw money from an Orange Money account
  • Money Transfer: Transfer money from Person to Person within Botswana
  • Top Up: Buy Orange airtime for yourself
  • Bill Payment: Pay for goods and services from utility companies and service providers like Orange
  • Balance enquiry: To enquire on available balance
Orange Money Transaction Limits:
  • Account Limit: P30 000.00
  • Single Transaction Limit: P10 000.00
  • Daily Transaction Limit; P15 000.00
  • Monthly Transaction Limit: P30 000.00

The system was developed by Orange FT Group and conforms to the worldwide security standards and protocols. It has undergone thorough risk analysis and audits by external parties to ensure that the security meets international mobile banking norms.

Orange Money has in built protections such as:

  • A strict policy on anti-money laundering
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures and transaction monitoring
  • All transactions are PIN Protected
  • In the event that a phone is lost or stolen, money only can be recovered upon replacement of the SIM card which requires the physical presence of the owner and production of an ID

Orange Money is developed in partnership with commercial banks in Botswana who work with Orange to ensure controls are adhered to, security of transactions and compliance to Bank of Botswana regulations.