Sellecta A La Carte

Sellecta A La Carte

Sellecta gives the customer full control over their communication needs, with a wide choice of customizable offers, for a personalized service that is unique to the customer’s profile.

The customer is at liberty to select any available package to create a service plan that is customized to their communication needs and budget.

That is not all! Sellecta has optional add-on offers, for unlimited Orange to Orange Calls the and a voucher instalment plan for a smartphone of your choice.

1. Select your type of Contract

  • Postpaid or
  • Hybrid


2. Select a package from each of the available offers

  • 1 voice offer, 1 data offer, 1 sms offer


3. Add an optional offer to your customized service plan

  • Sellecta_Bua_Lenna offering unlimited Orange to Orange call
  • Device Voucher instalment plan for a smartphone that suits your style

Sellecta is available on Postpaid and Hybrid contract.

Both Postpaid and Hybrid customers are given monthly benefits, depending on their selected packages, to use on any network service being voice, sms and data.


Hybrid and  Postpaid. What is the difference?


  • A Hybrid customer is able to recharge their account once they have depleted the monthly allowance. The airtime recharge can be used to call and send sms as well as browse the internet.
  • In addition the airtime recharge can be used to subscribe to all available Prepaid offers such as All_My_Internet data bundles.
  • A Postpaid customer is allowed to set a credit limit on their account which allows them to continue enjoying network services once they have depleted their monthly allowance.

  • Select your preferred voice + data + SMS package


  • Optional Sellecta_Bua_Le_Nna offer for unlimited Orange to Orange calls


  • Select your preferred smartphone to go with your offer


  • Recharge your account to enjoy available prepaid services like All_My_Internet


  • Control your budget with a credit limit for your account and never use more than you can afford.

Option 1


Voice Packages Minutes  Rental
Sellecta_120 120 P60
Sellecta_250 250 P110
Sellecta_500 500 P200
Sellecta_100 1000 P350


Option 2


SMS Packages SMS Rental
Sellecta_100_SMS 100 P8
Sellecta_500_SMS 500 P30


Option 3


Data Packages Bundles  Rental
Sellecta_250MB 250MB P40
Sellecta_500MB 500MB P60
Sellecta_1GB 1GB P80
Sellecta_2GB 2GB P120
Sellecta_5GB 5GB P279
Sellecta_8GB 8GB P399
Sellecta_10GB 10GB P479


Option 4


Voice Packages On-net  Rental
Sellecta_Bua_Le_Nna Unlimited P80


Option 5


Voucher Upfront Fee  6 months   12 months   24 months
P2,000 P599 P234 P117 P59
P4,000 P1,199 P467 P243 P117
P5,000 P1,199 P634 P317 P159
P6,000 P1,199 P801 P401 P201
P7,000 P1,999 P834 P417 P209
P8,000 P1,999 P1,001 P501 P251
P9,000 P1,999 P1,167 P584 P292
P10,000 P2,799 P1,201 P601 P301
P12,000 P2,799 P1,534 P767 P384