Welcome to the Orange Botswana Coverage Maps, these maps will indicate the radio coverage and also GPRS/EDGE coverage.

Radio coverage will indicate places where there is GSM/Cellular phone coverage.

GPRS/EDGE Coverage will indicate places where data (Internet access) services is available or active.

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Coverage Map

Note: Normal hand-held cellular phones (2-watt) will have adequate coverage* outdoors in more than 95% of the area indicated, while transportable (8-watt) cellular phones (i.e. car phones) will have coverage in at least 98% of the indicated area. Instances of coverage being lost within indicated network coverage area could occur due to natural or man-made obstructions. Conversely, coverage may also extend beyond the indicated boundaries. The information contained in this coverage map is correct at the time of going to press. It is subject to revision, where services are modified or supplemented on a customer need basis.

*Coverage denotes being able to make or receive calls and send or receive data in open terrain.

3G+ coverage map

Coverage Map