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Flybox 3G+ (broadband router) - brings you fast wireless broadband at homes with more than one user or small businesses with a few users from just P99 a month.

Flybox connects up to 6 computers wirelessly or 4 computers directly using network cables and uses the Orange mobile network.

It also gives you a calling capability meaning you can make and receive calls using a standard home phone through an Orange number.

It is a portable, plug and play solution and is ideal for moderate to intensive use of internet and email.

With Flybox 3G+, you can surf and call at competitive rates using the Orange 3G+ mobile network. If you like an easy life, you'll love the Flybox. You just plug and play - no lengthy installation, no CD, no bother. Whether you're a Windows, Mac or Linux user, accessing the Internet from your small business or home couldn't be simpler.

The benefits of the Flybox

Flybox is only available either on a postpaid basis. You can get either plan by:


The following items are required at subscription